Brand strategy: now what? How to put your strategy into action from day 1

Hollie Arnett
6 min readOct 31, 2023

Have you been working on your brand strategy? Writing your mission? Uncovering your ideal audience? Visualising your visual direction?

It’s powerful stuff that can truly transform your business and your life. But while you can get a lot out of the brand strategy process itself, the long-lasting impact that will help you build a next level brand, is actually using that strategy!

So when your brand strategy is ready, then what? Let’s talk about how to put your strategy into action from day 1 so you can intentionally and effectively build your brand!

How to put your strategy into action from day 1

Put a bookmark to your brand strategy on your phone and desktop

To make sure your brand strategy is as easily accessible as possible, wherever and whenever you need it, add a bookmark or shortcut to all of your devices. For example, using Safari on iPhones you can create a shortcut to add a website to your phone’s homepage which is great if your Brand Strategy is in something like Canva or a Google Doc. Or if your Brand Strategy is a PDF document, you could add a shortcut to your computer’s desktop or your favourites in Finder if you use an Apple device.

These all remove the barrier to accessing your strategy so you don’t have to go digging in files or finding links. When it’s easily accessible it’s more likely that you’ll actually use your strategy.

Put your vision, mission, & values in places you’ll always see them

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to forget things you can’t see. So having visual reminders of your vision, mission, and values are really great ways to keep the important things top of mind.

You could create on-brand designs that fit your aesthetic and make you want to look at them, and keep them as your phone…



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