How to change your brand name: a conversation on the Future Belongs to Creators podcast

Hollie Arnett
2 min readAug 3

Have you ever thought about changing your business name? Or maybe you’re in the middle of that process right now?

In 2021, I changed my business name from Black & White Studios to Maker & Moxie. It was a strategic decision to move away from what I’d been known for in the past and towards the positioning I wanted for my brand going forward.

Throughout and after this process, which I shared publicly and loudly as it was happening, creators in my audience had so many questions about how I’d done it. And they weren’t the only ones!

I had the absolute honour of joining my friends at ConvertKit on The Future Belongs to Creators podcast about changing your creator business name (and how to do it the right way.)

How to change your brand name

In the conversation, the ConvertKit team and I talked about:

  • Why I changed my business name
  • What my naming process is
  • How to choose your business name
  • Testing your business name
  • The fear of losing recognition
  • Rebuilding your brand after a rename
  • Working in public
  • Involving your community in a rebrand
  • How to announce a new brand name
  • What Moxie means
  • What I learnt from the process
  • And so much more!

Watch or listen to the episode

Whether it’s something you’ve been thinking about, or you’re in the process of changing and trademarking your business name now now, this conversation will give you some perspective from a branding expert who’s been through the process!

You’ll hear the real-life story of renaming your brand, get answers to your burning brand naming questions, and hopefully take away some lessons for your own business!

Hollie Arnett

Brand strategist & coach for creatives. Helping artists & makers build your brand, share your work & own your moxie.