Pandr Design Co on Finding a Creative Partner, Writing Your First Book, and Thriving Financially as an Artist

Hollie Arnett
20 min readMar 15, 2022

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by two bold ‘n beautiful creatives, Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog — the co-founders, muralists and educators behind Pandr Design Co.

After meeting and bonding over their love of art and lettering, Roxy and Phoebe realised they had met their creative soulmates. Lettering turned into murals, meetups turned into business coaching for creatives, and before they knew it, they were all-in on an incredible 6-figure creative business.

In this amazing episode, we talk about empowerment through collaboration, putting yourself out there in a big way for big results, the experience of publishing a book as an artist, and why artists should be not just surviving, but THRIVING.

Hey everybody and welcome back to this week’s episode of Brand Your Passion. I am super excited today to be joined by Roxy and Phoebe of Pandr Design Co. Thank you both for joining me! I’m stoked to have you here.

Phoebe: Thanks for having us!

Of course. Before we dive into the questions, I would love for both of you to introduce yourselves individually and then Pandr as a collective and tell us what you do.

Roxy: Sure, I’m Roxy.

Phoebe: And I’m Phoebe.

Roxy: We run Pandr Design Co. which is a business that specialises in painting murals. We’ve been doing it for 7 years. We also are really big on educating artists on how to make money doing what they love and encouraging people to charge more.

We do a lot of things — we also have a book, we ran a nonprofit for a while, we had a podcast for a while, we do it all.

Hollie Arnett

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